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Moy Mackay exhibits at galleries throughout Scotland, as well as in London and the US.

Lavender Skye
To The North
Beyond the Corn
Deacon Brodie's
The Clear Blue
Highland Dreaming
The High Street, Biggar
Glenkinnon Wood
Tweed Patchwork
Cheviot Line in Stitches
Fields of Gold
Victoria Street
Whites On Reds
Hill Top Bothy
Cup Cakes with Coffee
Winter Cheviots - SOLD
Heather Skye - SOLD
Caithness Cotton - SOLD
St Andrews Tower - SOLD
Tuscany - SOLD
The Fuchsia Shore - SOLD
Charles Bridge, Prague - SOLD
John Knox House - SOLD
Ramsay Gardens - SOLD
The Outhouses - SOLD
Black Face Cheviot - SOLD
Autumn Cheviots with Caledonian Pines - SOLD
Winter Black-Faced Cheviots - SOLD
Poppy Cottage - SOLD
Fields of Gold - SOLD
Through the Poppy Fields - SOLD
Upon Raspberry Hill - SOLD
Highland Reds - SOLD
Loch Tulla - SOLD
The Bonnie Tweed Flows - SOLD
Sanna Bay with Boat - SOLD
Tibbie Shiels - SOLD
Tea with Rose - SOLD
Late Winter at the Highland Bothy - SOLD
Cornfield Poppies - SOLD
Tea and Cake - SOLD
Lincoln Longwool - SOLD
The Red Wood - SOLD
Brora Blues - SOLD